Plain tiles

We had a lovely visitor to Stamp Club last month who showed…..oooh, all sorts of wonderful items. She was supposed to be demonstrating the art of decorating bamboo tiles but the enthusiasm for all sorts of decorative items she brought – and the way she talked, digressed, wandered around a subject 🙂 –  all meant that we were treated to an exciting variety of ideas, a mind-boggling array of samples and a fab shopping spree after she’d finished demonstrating.

Nobody actually got around to playing with their own tiles that evening – I had so many ideas in my head and, of course, none of the right ‘tools’ with me – so I was happy to be able to bring it home and work on it here.

I decided I would make a pendant with the tile and I would make it as a birthday gift for my mother-in-law from her great-grand-daughter. By adhering a photo of Millie to the tile I figured this proud great-nana would be able to carry the apple of her eye around with her and show her off to everyone more easily than usual.

Firstly I chose some colours of alcohol ink and using an applicator tool changed the overall appearance of the tile. The photo needed to be quite small so I cropped a birthday photo down to a usable size and glued it (dilute pva) to the coloured tile. After that had dried I added a silver heart, several colours of micro beads (red and gold to go with the colours of the tile, blue to match Millie’s eyes) and then a small silver flower. These seemed a little bright so I added a little blue ProMarker to tone them down.

It took me longer to choose the beads to finish the necklace than to do the decorating of the tile! Hope Nana likes it – and appreciates that Millie is such a clever little one-year-old 😉


Shell Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Purple Twilight and a dash of GoldThe tile coloured with alcohol inksAlmost finished - microbeads and silver charms glued in placeLarge beads for a 'dangler'Some smaller beads along the length of the cord ... just because :)

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