I bought a plain white set of letters with the intention of making a cute decoration for my sister’s kitchen and the following photos show you the results. I firstly painted the shapes with some acrylic paint – just mixed brown/white/yellow until I got the colour I hope I remember rightly from her kitchen walls ;-)!

I’m afraid I didn’t take step-by-step photos so these are just some close-ups of the finished articles. No great planning involved either โ€“ I just kept adding stuff until I thought it was enough.

There is torn paper adhered to the top of the painted shapes the edges of which I distressed lightly with Antique Linen ink. I then stamped over the whole thing with my Michael Strong Lily Stamp and then painted over the top with dilute PVA. The mesh is some plasterers mesh on a roll left for me by my builders when they’d been working here โ€“ it’s awfully useful and there’s masses of it on a roll. More PVA holds that in place.

I punched the flowers from the same decorative papers I’d torn earlier using my Martha Stewart punch and these I dipped into UTEE in my MeltPot. Once they’d dripped a little and hardened I glued a metal popper in the middle and hot-glued them to the letters.

The cats are cut usingย  a Spellbinder die (my sister loves cats, has 4 at the moment) and also dipped in melted UTEE to protect them and make them nice and sturdy. Now all I need to do is pray that she likes it ๐Ÿ˜€ .







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