3 Weddings and a Blog Hop

3 Weddings and a Blog Hop

Well, this is my very first Blog Hop and I just hope I am doing everything correctly. The theme is weddings/valentines using Michael Strong stamps – the biggest problem I have is that I don’t have his lovely heart shaped stamp so I’ve had to work around that slight hiccup! I was bought four of Michael’s stamps for Christmas – circle, large vase, fan and flower but right now I do wish I’d requested the heart as well :).

I have managed three samples though so I hope there’ll be something there to catch your eye and perhaps give you some inspiration. I am showing here my ‘mistakes’ – or should I call them ‘re-thinks’ so that you can maybe follow my weird thought process. Actually, that’s one of my big failings – I don’t plan ahead, just go for it and change my mind dozens of times along the way.

If you click the solitary photo above, on the right (3 Weddings and a Blog Hop), it will enlarge – you should then be able to ‘right arrow’ your way through the rest of the photos and read below each one a few more details of how I did things.

I stamped the circle on watercolour paper – I used the circle stamp as it had the most surface area for me to cut other shapes out of.

Stamped circles

Close up of the lovely detail


I cut heart shapes out with Nesties

Heart shapes

Then decided they were too 'busy'! The dark purple was far too intense for the card I had vaguely in mind

Too 'busy'!

Changed to a paler, lavender ink and backed the hearts with Nestie scalloped hearts

Lavender ink

Coloured the fabric covered wire with a green ink pad

Coloured the wire

Made a bunch of 'flowers'

Bunch of 'flowers'

I also smudged the edges with lavender ink


I think they make a nicer bunch now

A nicer bunch

Texture Fade - inked with lavender before running through the Grand Calibur. The watercolour paper tore a little but I don't think it shows on the finished card.

Texture Fade

Matted with purple card & mounted onto card base


Vase  was mounted on 3D sticky pads to go over the stems

Vase on 3D sticky pads

Close-up of vase

Close-up of vase

More hearts!

More hearts!

Needs 'purpling-up'? After me thinking it was too pale earlier, now I want it darker!

Needs 'purpling-up'?

I wonder why it's always 3 or other odd numbers? The adhesive gems add just the right amount of depth of colour.

Always 3?

Glitter glue added with a cocktail stick from a puddle of it – the nozzle is too thick to apply directly to such small dots.

Glitter glue

I don't really 'do' bows but it was needed in this corner. I peeled back the dark purple card to tuck the ends underneath.


Went a bit gem-crazy!


Base card is a Grand Nestie Label One which makes a lovely sized card with an interesting shape to it.

Base card

I'm still not totally happy........

Not totally happy........

....darkened the card edges, OK, I'm happy now

OK, I'm happy now

Card number two.
2nd Card, Stamped with pale pink Memento ink

Card number 2

Drew 'inchie' squares on all – I had in mind to do a card made of inchies but really wish I had the right sized punch to make it easier!

'inchie' squares

Stamped a couple of sentiments, the 'Love' is from Lost Coast Designs Dictionary Definitions. These stamp beautifully, you can always read every word.


Edged all in same pink ink


Laid out on letterpressed background but I feel the detail is lost both on the background and on the toppers.

Laid out

Matted all pieces on darker pink card to define the edges more.


Changed my mind about the background, decided to go square.


Stuck on double sided tape – quite tricky to do. Used masking tape to hold the pieces in place, lifted them onto the sticky surface and then found that when I removed the masking tape it took some of the stamped image with it!

Double sided tape

I hate glitter! This is a lovely colour though. I just dumped the whole jar on top of the square of card.


Pressed it into the DSST to make sure it stuck to all the spaces between the inchies.


Far too wishy-washy – again! Who was it who said the darker purple was too much? Oh, that would be me – on the first card!

Wishy-washy – again!

Tried colouring/glittering inchies to disguise where the tape had damaged them – didn't work.


Got out the stamp-positioner


Stamped in purple ink over the pink. The stamp positioner rocked slightly on the glittered card so it was hard to get it to line-up perfectly.


Almost perfect? Slight pink shadow shows below the purple but I quite like that, looks like I've given it a shadow.

Almost perfect?

Re-did the inchies in purple! I didn't want to waste all that glittering so that's why I just stamped more circles and cut out more squares!

Inchies in purple!

OK, now I am happy with it, the purple ink looks better with the purple glitter and isn't lost anymore.

OK, now I am happy

I even like the glitter! This is a smallish card, only 4.5" square, but it suits the overall 'inchie' theme.

I even like the glitter!

Number 3!
3rd Card. That letterpressed background which I'd briefly discarded earlier. 'Love' sentiment is mounted on a Nestie Eyelet Square

Card number 3

I used the 2 remaining inchies from the previous card plus Spellbinders Fallen Angel dies

Spellbinders Fallen Angel

Heart cut from MS Circle stamped and embossed with silver ep. The deep rose card complements the pale pink quite nicely.

Heart cut from MS Circle

Teeny-tiny silver crystal hearts on the inchies to brighten them up

Crystal hearts

White & silver ribbon to one side – very traditional? This ribbon is from a lovely roll purchased at CostCo.

Ribbon to one side

The Fallen Angel slightly less traditional! I think this is my favourite card of the three.

Fallen Angel

Want to see more?

Hop over to Michael’s Blog (yikes, how scary being followed by himself 😉 ). This is a circular blog so it doesn’t matter where you start – just make a full circle and leave comments everywhere for a chance to win a prize (something special from Michael!).

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