50th Birthday Lily

50th Birthday Lily

I was lucky enough to win a set of stamps from Michael Strong – the Lily Set – and I find I’m using it constantly. For this card I stamped the large Lily onto white card and then coloured it with ProMarkers before cutting it out and 3D mounting it on top of several layers. The two cream panels are from the same A4 sheet of pearlescent card which I embossed with a Grand Impressability. I love the fact that I can do a whole sheet with one pass and it’s a lovely, deep impression. I wish now I’d used double-sided card and then I could have had both the em-bossed and the de-bossed sides showing…. oh well, next time :).

As you can see, I’ve echoed the purple layers with some purple in the lily and the purple jewel brads in the corners, a tiny bit of bling in the middle with some Stickles and it’s all done.

Click on the photos for enlarged views.

This straight-on view shows the details a bit easier - layers of embossed card with the ribbon tucked between a couple of them

Showing front

I embossed the cream pearlescent card with the Grand Impressability - a whole A4 at once! It does give a wonderfully deep impression.

Embossing detail

Recessed Image Card

I subscribe to Gina K Designs blog/newsletter and she demonstrates some really lovely different techniques. Last week she showed this Recessed Image Card which is a cute idea and – as she points out – makes mailing so much easier. Your layers are not getting squashed!

Just the one photo of this – there’s not really much to say about it.

Recessed Image

Recessed Image Card

Raised Feature Card

This is something we did at Stamp Club this month. Like most of us there, I only had time to learn how to do the Raised Feature bit and so I have since incorporated it into a finished card. Well, I say finished, there isn’t a sentiment on it yet – I’ll wait until I need the card and then add it.

Basically, you stamp an image onto pearlescent card, get that image onto the back of the card so you can see exactly where to work, and then wet the card to soften the fibres. You then work it with a large embossing tool on a soft mat so that the image pops out. A load of silicone glue is then put behind it to keep it raised up. I’m not telling you all the ‘tricks’ here as it’s not mine to share :). I will share the finished results though (and you may notice I’ve used Lily again!).

Doesn't look anything special here

Finished card

Can you see the flower petals are raised? I didn't do the leaves or stem - too fiddly

Raised image

This photo really shows the puffiness nicely. What a challenge I set my husband here, photographing it to show the raised image!

Better View

OK, this one shows it all done apart from a suitable sentiment

All finished

Crafty Individuals

So, after doing the lily I decided to try it on something completely different. This is my favourite stamp from Crafty Individuals – I use it a lot and will certainly be doing so this year as our Club Project involves choosing one stamp and making as many different cards from it as possible! This is my chosen one but I’m only going to make ‘toppers’ rather than complete cards as I really don’t need that many cards in stock!

This time, I used a plain white card suitable for colouring with ProMarkers, stamped with Memento Black ink and then coloured it. I turned it over, laid it on my lightbox and traced around the ducks on the back before wetting and ‘puffing’ as described above. I had to be very, very careful as the card tended to want to rip! It’s certainly easier to ‘work’ than the pearlescent but also easier to spoil by making holes.

Unfortunately, we could not get a decent photo showing the raised bits so you’ll have to take my word for it – the ducks do stand out from the rest of the card.

3 Ducks in a row

3 Ducks in a row

Closer view

Closer view

We did try to make the raised bit show...honest

Still can't see it?

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