Over on Michael Strong’s Blog he explained how to make his Mardi Gras card. My sample uses the same basic technique but has ended up very different. I’ll explain what I did in each photo although I must apologise in advance – the silver embossing and stripes made it very reflective so a little hard to photograph.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

I stamped the Cloisonne flower on bleaching paper and embossed with silver ep. Cut it out with Eyelet Squares and mounted that onto a piece of card edged with silver and grey stripes. Filled the holes with red glitter.


The triangular pieces are cut from the large Cloisonne Circle stamp and bleached out as in the centre.


The base card is a metallic black edged with more silver/grey stripes. It will open either as a tent fold or side fold as it's quite symmetrical.

Black base

I'm trying to show the bleaching effect, you can see where parts of the card have turned orange where the bleach has worked. I added red glitter dots over the bleached dots in the centre.

Close up

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