p0006053I have taken many commissions over the years for embroidered cards, usually they’re personalised but sometimes I would just embroider a design I liked and then keep the card for a suitable occasion.

The fabric I use varies, sometimes it’s just a cotton/poly mix and sometimes a felt-like material. The latter is easier as it doesn’t distort but the colour choice can be restrictive. A couple of the examples below are stitched on aida even though they’re not cross-stitch patterns – that’s also nice and stable to work with. Velvet is a nice medium to embroider on as long as it’s quite a dense design otherwise the stitches get lost in the nap; silks and satins are lovely for weddings etc. but very tricky – they pucker easily!

The ‘Congratulations’ card was made for our son who had just graduated with honours; the dinosaur for our great-nephew who loved the creatures and could name a whole range of them! I often edge the aperture with peel-offs and sometimes stitch the design into place using a decorative stitch on my machine (as in the #1 Dad). The shapely lady was for the son of a very dear friend for his 21st birthday.

I didn’t think to photograph most of them, I have made scores of them for many people but didn’t bother to record it! Oh well, I shall endeavour to do so in the future.

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