Finished Card

Finished Card

For our ‘homework’ at Stamp Club we were given a sketch to reproduce – you’ll see it below. I had recently seen a technique I fancied trying, it’s called the Reinker Float Background Technique and can be found at Stamping 411. There are some really fun techniques on that site and I recommend a browse around it (once you’ve finished here, of course 🙂 ).

I’ll walk through all the steps in my thought process again – click on the first image and then right arrow through the rest to read how it was done. Thanks for looking.

The Sketch

The Sketch

The large background stamp is from NonSequitur, the Time plate


I only have a few reinkers and they are Distress ones, hope they work OK


The colours are not quite as distinct as I would have hoped for but we'll see how it looks later on


I die-cut and embossed a small piece of the same shimmer card I used for the background and edged it with ep

Layer 2

Never use these so decided it was time!

Style Stones

I used a small image from the same 'Time' plate and coloured with some distress inks


I embossed the edges of the stone with more of the same ep


This is the ep I used, in Lapis Lazuli


While the inks were drying on the background piece I dipped some white ribbon in the puddles so they'd be an exact match


Thought I'd decorate the corners - I almost always use the corner chomper to round them so decided it was time I used my punches for a change


It's a double punch - cuts with the first press and embosses with the second


I had a scrap of the shimmer card left so die-cut a few shapes, embossed them and colored with distress inks


My sister saves 'stuff' in case I can use it! One thing she brought me was a piece of blue wire she'd taken off a calendar (a spiral bound one). I straightened it as much as possible and then wound it round a wire curling tool


This is what I made with it


The two ends were put through the holes in one side of the Style Stone

Stone & Coil

I laid the 'bits' in place.....and decided I didn't like the Style Stone after all!


So I got out the distress inks which match the reinkers and added colour to the pocket watch


....and the same colours on the key


I didn't like the reinked background right next to the card blank colour, though it was a neutral cream, so I added a layer of dark gold shimmer card with the same punched corners


A small metallic brad hangs the key from the ribbon

In progress

Placed the watch but am not quite sure......there is something missing.....

Something missing?

That's it! I fogot to die-cut the hands for the watch. Rummaged through the bin, found a tiny scrap of shimmer card big enough for the die and coloured them to match the rest. I angled it as I glued it - I'm not happy with things straight on :)


So this is another look at the end result...and I still didn't get to use a Style Stone!

Finished Project

Version 2

I seem to never be satisfied with my first attempts at stuff lately! I had to try another version of this same sketch and same reinker technique. This time, I used a smaller stamp for the background, from the same ‘Time’ plate as before but it’s an image of a globe. I stamped it all over and ‘off’ the edges of the piece of shimmer card and used yellow, green and a little of the red Distress Reinkers. I dipped more ribbon in the puddles and left the whole wet mess to dry overnight.

This time I turned the sketch on its side, the #2 layer is yet another image off that same ‘Time’ plate and I smudged the edges with green ink while it was still in the die. I drew around the outside of the same die onto dark gold card and cut it out to give a narrow border (the next size of die was too big).

Sketches are very versatile even if you only change the orientation


I made this piece much wetter than the first one and didn't encourage drying with a paper towel or heat tool as I had done with the other


There was no call for embellishments on the sketch but I felt it needed 'something' so the three green snaps were added


The background stamping shows more clearly on this example than the first one, I 'chomped' the corners this time and a very simple sentiment finishes the whole thing

Finished Card

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