Pink and green


I’ve been card making for many years now, lately I’ve been more into papercrafts but I did used to embroider everything – including most of my cards.

The sweetpeas on this one were for one of my sisters who grows the most wonderful sweetpeas in her greenhouse every year. They smell wonderful and she has so many that she can colour co-ordinate them for each room!

The background fabric is one of a stack of quilting squares I bought years ago in a variety of colours. Never really got on with quilting but I think that I could actually show 4 or 5 on this blog if I set my mind to it…..Anyhow, this is stitched onto the cotton fabric and the paper stabiliser removed as much as possible after the embroidery has finished. I then add a little oval of wadding behind the design to give it depth and stitch it onto the cardstock itself. I keep my older sewing machine for doing this sewing mainly, it’s a Pfaff 1471 which my DH bought for me instead of a bunch of flowers after I’d had some oral surgery! Ever the practical Yorkshireman! Well, think about it – I wouldn’t have kept a flower for 20 years.

Lots of double-sided tape close the card (purchased aperture card) and I tend to insert a paper in the middle with a printed verse. Sometimes the dark cardstock makes it hard to see the words if you use regular pens so the insert gets around that. Plus, if you make a mistake (who me!!!) it’s devastating when you’ve put all that effort into something.

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