Easter Chick

I haven’t done much embroidery lately and I’ve been feeling bad about this – especially when for years I wished I had a little girl to sew for and now I’ve no excuse! Mind you, it’s hard to find clothes that don’t already have designs on them.

So, I purchased a three pack of t-shirts and some lovely designs from Embroidery Library and went to work. This one I gave her today along with her Easter Egg, she soon learnt the word ‘chick’ and every-time I asked about it she pressed the chick on her tummy. Maybe I could get a ‘squeaker’ to put in there……?

I used a soft tear-away stabiliser on the back and – once the design was finished – I ironed on a soft mesh lining to stop the stitches from scratching.

This will be lovely when she grows to fit the t-shirt!!

Easter *Chic*

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