Location map and directions

If you’re coming to visit us, here is our address:

The Chase, Pinfold Lane, Northop Hall, Mold, Flintshire CH7 6HE (tel: 01244-819797)

However, the interactive Google map below will help you locate us much better than the PostCode – because SatNavs send most people half a mile down the main lane towards Buckley!

The red balloon on the map shows where we are, just off the A55. As you approach the A55 exit, PLEASE be aware that it is a sudden sharp 90° bend with NO DECELERATION LANE! That means you need to slow down early and take the bend slowly, and you will therefore find trucks pushing you from behind if you don’t signal very early — I’m not kidding!

This is important too: when you turn off the A55, you must immediately turn right into our short dead-end lane rather than following the main lane which curves left and heads for Buckley (click here to see a separate map which illustrates this).

If you forget this, you will find yourself very quickly passing through a chicane, then down a narrow hill, across a stream, up another narrow hill and then past two quarries. This is clearly wrong, so do a U-turn and go back, because our house is only 50 yards from where you turned off the A55!

If you click the mouse button anywhere on the map and hold it down, you can drag it around. You can also use the zoom controls to see less detail, or choose normal map mode or satellite mode using the buttons top left.