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Wandering round my house I’ve found so many things that I have made over the years – I think I must have been crafting all my life – and I look forward to sharing them with you. If you want any explanations about anything then please contact me – if I can remember how I’ve done it then I’ll gladly share with you. I’d love you to leave a comment about anything – good or bad – I like constructive criticism! Please, enjoy browsing, I do hope you’ll grab a cuppa and stay a while with me – and thanks for stopping by ……….Joanna


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Email address in blog comments

Some of you are worried about the fact that we insist on having an email address when you're leaving a comment on this blog. From today you need worry no longer, we've discovered how to disable that requirement so you can feel totally safe (although it was safe...

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Book Exchange 2008

At our Rubber Stamping Club last year we had a round-robin book exchange. Those taking part were split into groups of 5 or 6 people and we each chose a theme for our own particular book. We made or bought a book and decorated the covers and the first couple of pages...

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Fabric Boxes

Another entry for that agricultural show I mentioned (Christmas Angel) was for a fabric box. I have a wonderful embroidery machine and so decided to utilise that. The fabric I chose was a gorgeous, purpley brocade onto which I embroidered several different oriental...

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Christmas Angel

For the Women's Institute section of our local agricultural show, we had to make a Christmas Decoration one year. I had recently done a stumpwork class so thought I'd incorporate that into this angel. She hasn't got the prettiest face in the world but she's all mine...

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MojoMonday 81

The sketch for this challenge can be seen here at the Mojo Monday site, a lovely challenge this week which I really enjoyed doing.The two oriental papers I used for the front were also used on the inside, layered together and just peeping through at the right. On the...

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Diamond Wedding

My husband's aunt and uncle are about to celebrate 60 years together! Wow, some achievement. I'm not really very good at Bookatrix cards but thought I'd have another go for this special occasion. There are a few more photos of this and another card for the same event...

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Altered Tea Caddies

This was a challenge to alter a tin to make something to hold pencils. Well, I can't resist a bit of competition so I thought I'd better have a go. Visit http://oorchallengeblog.blogspot.com/ to see other entries. I took photos of all the steps (well, most of them) so...

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Craft Room Updated

***N.B. At the bottom of this post I've added something new – I've explained how I index and store my rubber stamps – a few people have asked me how so I've done my best to show the system which works for me!*** When we decided to join our house to the garage we...

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First Scrapbook

I have been wanting to venture into the world of Scrapbooking for ages now but the thought of facing a blank, 12x12 page really worried me! So, I decided to start a little smaller and worked on an 8x8 instead. This was given to my Mother-in-Law for Christmas 2007, I...

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Other embroidered cards

I have taken many commissions over the years for embroidered cards, usually they're personalised but sometimes I would just embroider a design I liked and then keep the card for a suitable occasion. The fabric I use varies, sometimes it's just a cotton/poly mix and...

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Embroidered Xmas Cards

A couple of years ago I embroidered all my Christmas Cards – by machine, mostly, but some by hand. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to photograph every single one of them, my overseas ones had already been posted (as had a whole bunch of UK ones) before I'd remembered...

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Engagement card

Both of my sons think that cards are a waste of time! What can I say....I thought I'd done a pretty good job of raising them but I guess I failed somewhere.... 😉 My younger son got engaged just before Christmas last year and I had to make a card even if  'he doesn't...

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