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Wandering round my house I’ve found so many things that I have made over the years – I think I must have been crafting all my life – and I look forward to sharing them with you. If you want any explanations about anything then please contact me – if I can remember how I’ve done it then I’ll gladly share with you. I’d love you to leave a comment about anything – good or bad – I like constructive criticism! Please, enjoy browsing, I do hope you’ll grab a cuppa and stay a while with me – and thanks for stopping by ……….Joanna


Recent articles

New website feature

I understand that some people don't like leaving comments on blogs and some just visit so many that they don't really have time to comment as they'd like, so I set my web-maestro the task of making it simpler for you. After a lot of research he did it (didn't doubt it...

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Pat’s 70th

My sister-in-law had a momentous birthday this month and so I made her a special card. It took me about 3 evenings of faffing about with it to get it how I wanted but I was happy with the final results. To compound the lengthy business my mother-in-law asked me to...

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Folded Star

This was made for a friend of mine – not a special birthday or anything but she is a special friend. 🙂 If you Google Folded Star you'll find lots of tutorials for these in various sizes, mine was made from a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper and I made sturdy templates...

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Michael Strong Sat Sketch

I hope I can manage to enter all the challenges throughout the year on the Michael Strong group – it's only two per month at most so it should be do-able. 🙂 The main image was made using the large Cloisonné Flower which I stamped randomly over some glossy card stock...

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Dec 2011 Birthdays

I don't quite know why I've only photographed two of the four birthday cards I mailed in December but somehow I must have forgotten! Can't imagine what it is about December which would make me forget stuff...... 😀 A GoldWinging friend of ours turned fifty last month...

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Christmas Card Commission

I was telephoned – I think it was about July sometime – by a young man who had seen this blog and wanted a special Christmas Card making for his girlfriend. Once I'd gotten over the shock of (a) a man actually ordering a special card and (b) him planning it incredibly...

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Alphabet Project – the final 6

Well, it's taken some time (a whole year I guess) but I've finally finished all 26 Alphabet Cards. Actually, I have done 27 'cos I wasn't happy with 'D' so I did a second version :). I think it's obvious that I left most of the difficult letters to the last – Q, U, X!...

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Michael Strong December Challenge

For the month of December the lovely Michael challenged us to use the template he provided. It is basically a box, there's a tab to close it so if you wanted to put a small gift in there it could be very useful (thinking  chocolates jewellery.....). I'm afraid mine is...

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Christmas Cards 2011

These are photos of some of the cards I have made for this Christmas, 2011. Several of them were duplicated – though not identical – they were basically the same idea so I only photographed one of them :). I like to keep a record just so I can look back next year and...

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Michael Strong Holiday Tag Blog Hop

Time for the Holiday Tag Blog Hop! There are 13 blogs to visit and you should have come here from Mike's – if you get lost then please go back to Hetty's Blog and you'll find all the links there. You'll find the scavenger hunt letter you're searching for at the bottom...

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White Christmas

I personally think that black and white is really quite elegant and works well for a Christmas Card. This starts with an A4 white base card folded in half and trimmed slightly (I don't like the size of the full A4 with a fold, it always looks just a little too big to...

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Greeting Card Holder

I saw this great idea posted at Stamper's Quest and just had to try it. The hardest part of all was choosing the hard-backed book to desecrate :). If you know me well, you'll know that I have a library in my house and it's full of books – obviously – but I kept...

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