reaction-buttonsI understand that some people don’t like leaving comments on blogs and some just visit so many that they don’t really have time to comment as they’d like, so I set my web-maestro the task of making it simpler for you.

After a lot of research he did it (didn’t doubt it for a minute 🙂 ) and so you now have the option to tick one of the “reaction” boxes below (directly below each post) and let us know what you think. It takes ½ a second but still shows you’ve been here and also shows your appreciation.

You can choose between: Awesome; Very Pretty; Interesting; OK or Boring – and it just takes one click!

I do hope you will use this in the future when you come and visit, and you can also pop back and use it on any earlier posts if you wish.  So, if you’re wandering through the site, just click a button and let me know what you think.




We have just disabled this feature – after very nearly a whole year we’ve had only about 20 responses so it’s gone! 😉

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