Spellbinder Storage

There are so many different ideas on storage for our precious dies so I thought I’d share how I keep mine organised.

Some time ago my brother-in-law changed the name of his videography business and therefore had a couple of those magnetic advertising signs you put on your car doors going spare. You know as a crafter that you can’t let anything be thrown away and nor can you resist a bargain – free is a very good price I’m sure you’d agree. 🙂 He has since retired so I begged the others from him too. 😀

Also, a sister of mine was re-vamping her kitchen and she’d had all this wire racking which she no longer wanted so……that arrived in my craft room too. My DH mounted the racking on what bit of wall was free of cupboards and shelving and I hung the magnetic sheets on there with cable ties (my crop-a-dile punched holes in them like they were butter!).

I used to have all of my dies on these but – once I started buying Grand Nestabilities – I found they were getting a little unruly so I moved a lot of the ones I don’t often use to a different area (I’ll talk about that below) and spread out the most popular ones.

Click on the thumbnails for more info (and I apologise for the glare on some of the photos):

Labels, ovals galore, ironworks and the new Cut, Fold & Tuck are in prime position

Lower set

More labels and all the circles - I've split them to make them easier to get at, they 'nest' so closely that when you pull one off they all fall!

Upper set

This is the side of the cupboard I have most of my scrapbooking paper stored in, the tacky bit of taping at the right is some card taped there to block the gap so I don't lose dies down the back of the cupboard!


Other Storage

For all the other thin dies (my Sizzix dies are all in another cupboard – I still have my Wizard to use them with) I re-purposed an old photo album. It’s quite a nice one as it is but I may have to ‘alter’ it sometime in the future ;).

I didn’t trust the stickiness of the pages as they are so I put some strips of magnetic tape on them and I fold the clear protective cover back over them – belt ‘n braces and all that! Where I still had the packaging I put it opposite the dies so I have a clearer indication of how they look when cut.

If you look back at the earlier post about my craft room you’ll see that I index all my stamps…..well, I do the same for all my dies. When I get one I cut it out of plain, cheap cardstock and glue that onto a contrasting colour and file in page protectors. This way I can just flip through the book and see what I’ve got very easily. Haven’t done this with all the plain labels/nesties which are out on display, only the decorative ones.

Photo album

Showing one two-page spread


You can see how much easier it is to tell how the dies will look when cut if you keep the packaging! Don't have it for 'every' set unfortunately

Another page

My die index - this system works well for me

Sample book

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