Cherry or Apple Blossom - not sure which but we're not going to enjoy its beauty this year


Snow may not be unusual in your part of the world but, believe me, this amount of the stuff is just not the norm here in our part of North Wales.

It started – as predicted by the weather forecasters – just before 10pm on Thursday and didn’t stop until Saturday evening. By then, we had well over 12″ everywhere and drifts almost waist high in places. I know we’ve not had it as bad as many other places in the UK but it’s been quite surprising. Nice to hear about neighbours helping each other out at such times – whole streets of people out clearing the snow so they can get about etc.. We went next door to find that ‘someone‘ had been along and removed the fallen tree for them, chopped it up and taken it away. 🙂

We took photos of this mad Spring weather and I’ll post some here for the record. 🙂  As always, click on a thumbnail for a bigger image and a description.

Friday evening

Friday evening

Saturday morning

Saturday morning

On top of my car while snow was still falling


That ruler is still in place somewhere!

Measuring again



Our house

Our house

Good job we've got other doors!

No Exit

Usually stands about 20ft tall, bending under the weight of the snow

Poor tree

I hope the new office roof can stand the added strain

Fight back

Next door

Next door

We had to go sweep the trampoline 'cos the weight of the snow was causing it to deform!

Back garden

Looking down to my washing lines!


The view from my craft room

Craft room

My X5

My X5

It does look so pretty

Front Garden

Still not going anywhere


My son!

Snow Angel

They certainly are not going anywhere just yet!

Next door!

This tree is bothering us - hope we don't get a load more snow on top of it




This was 'growing' up from the ground beneath the dripping icicles


The 'kids' were having fun

Playing was their first attempt :)


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