Project Book

Project Book

We had been asked if we fancied a year-long project at Stamp Club and after everyone agreed they’d like that we were commissioned to make some sort of record of each technique we learned throughout the 11 months of the club year. We could make or buy the book itself so I used an album I’d picked up somewhere which had plenty of pages in it and which would, hopefully, cope with the thickness needed.

The front cover had a square aperture in it and I filled that with a clear plastic ‘shaker’ which I’d saved from brads or eyelets or something similar. It was a perfect fit for the hole and so I backed it with some die-cuts, added different coloured micro-beads and outlined the whole thing with a die-cut Nestie. I couldn’t resist using my recently acquired Fallen Angel die too and then, because I have trouble with a lot of white space, I stamped some hearts all over the cover itself.

I’ll add descriptions to each photo so click on the first one and then right-arrow through to see what’s what.

The Tri-Shutter card folds flat and is held closed by some brads; I showed how to make rosettes from a strip of paper (Tim Holtz has since released a die to do this!); and the show 'n tell was a decorated magnet.


Faux Cloisonné – an 'open' image stamped onto magazine pages and embossed with gold or silver. Some of them were filled with diamond glaze – lovely results.


Paper Casting – lots of toilet paper and (clean) water! I did a lot more samples at home and have described each one on the post-it note so I will remember what works and what doesn't.


Wax Resist – paper shapes under plain paper rubbed with crayons and then colour washed. Made some very interesting backgrounds.


Side Hinge Card – I've kept the instructions here with the sample so I shall be able to find it again in the future! I tried a small scalloped version too, it works OK. The show 'n tell was a brooch from a CD, I've attached a photo of one I'd made for a friend earlier in the year.


Serendipity – stamp on patterned paper, tear into rough shapes, glue onto card and then cut again into shapes.


Spring Pop-Up – I taught this technique, you can see the inside (the 'spring') on the next photo


Cut a circle into a spiral, attach to both sides of the card and add 'things' to pop-up.

July Inside

Stepper Card – the yellow card is the template, a copy of which I gave to all class members to make it easier.


Faux Stamping – although I wasn't happy with the colour-scheme on this sample I do like the idea of it.


Spotlight and Wax Resist – this evening I insisted that everyone 'finish' two cards, one of each of the techniques, rather than just do a sample piece. They all did :)


Card-io came to visit and show some lovely samples and techniques. The 'xmas trees' are a fold I was shown and I made lots of notes for next time I use my peg stamps.


I had several pages left over after I'd stamped the months so I started filling-in from the back of the album with other ideas/samples from the past.


Just another view of the album, I will keep adding to the blank pages so I have a record of all the great things we're shown at club – it's so easy to forget.

Finished book

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