Star Book

Star Book

The afternoon session saw Gloria and Sue swap places and Sue proceeded to show us how to make this fabulous Star Book.

Again, we didn’t know what we were due to produce but had duly brought along ‘themed’ stamps as directed. My theme was ‘Christmas’, Jan’s was ‘Faces’. Others you can probably recognise if you look through the slide show on the previous post, Workshop part 1.

We were given a neat little package with all the card and paper cut to the proper sizes – makes life so much easier! Step 1 was to cover the outside boards with some lovely papers and leave aside, pegged/clamped, to dry thoroughly.

The seven main cards, seven middle cards and then the seven inner-most pages were all folded in half before we set about decorating the inner pages. I used stamps mainly from the Non Sequitur plate 64 – Winter Holidays with the odd snowflake from a Stamps Away montage set. I added a little colour to the pages with sponges before stamping – red to depict xmas and black for all the images and then edged in green. Unfortunately, the stamp pad shredded whilst I was doing the edging (I’m not sure I’d even used it before this occasion) and dropped little green blobs of sponge on the pages here and there. Of course, when I came to blow these bits off, they smudged! What a mess, I shall probably have to go in later and see if I can disguise them.

I added a small square stud to each page for continuity (or because I’d brought them along and felt I should use them!)  and then went back to the outer boards and taped some ribbon along both pieces for the closure/hanger. Then it was time to stick the dark folded card onto the outside boards. The lighter grey was next and then the decorated pages. It’s a lovely item, would make a great gift and, once again, I’m inspired to make these in lots of different themes.

As before, I’ll put a the photos below. If you choose to view as a slideshow then you can see them full screen size by clicking the bottom right-hand button. These are mainly of my book but there’s one showing Jan’s ‘faces’ and another close up of a pretty floral one.

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