Scrapbook for a 60th


A couple of years ago I tracked down the box of ‘family photos’ and kept the reasoning quiet so my big sister wouldn’t guess what I was up to. On Sunday I presented her with the results and I think (no, I know) she was thrilled with it – she cried again ;).

I’ll post the photos below and there’ll be details – if needed – which you can read with the enlarged view. I haven’t done an awful lot of Scrapbooking but plan to remedy that this year with a concentrated effort to sort out my photos and get them chronicled. I keep telling my sons that I will do them one each and they will not care at all at the moment but will be very glad when I’m gone :).

This scrapbook came complete with its own lovely, solid presentation box

Scrapbook box

...and the cover of the album matches the box

Front cover

The first page shows Jacqui as a child, a couple of the photos were taken in the back garden of our family home

A very young Jacqui

This layout is meant to look 'aged' and distressed - it was a real nuisance to fit in the page protector as it's so deep


These old black and white photos called for a muted layout, handmade papers and some chipboard shapes

Dad in the army

Dad was in Palestine during the war, there are just a few shots taken and strangely, my folks seemed to use them for writing notes on! The little clip over the folded card reveals what was written on the back


Dad is holding Jacqui outside Grandad's house - they lived there for a short time after they got married. Don't know who the ladies are with Mum and Dad.


Jacqui sent me the photos of her and Sheila with her new (to her) car, it was shortly before they both came out to California to visit us and we took a trip to Yosemite Valley


My Dad (with Mum) and his brother, Harry, with Evelyn on their wedding day. Below, my two sons, Stuart & David.


Me and my 3 sisters, Mum and her 3 sisters

8 Sisters

Most recent photo taken at Grange-Over-Sands at a family wedding; the 4 of us after Jacqui's 50th birthday meal and  the 4 of us as very young children

My sisters

I didn't know the two ladies with Mum on this photo and didn't want to cut it up so I just hid them behind some pretty vellum.

Mum's sisters

The postcard is from Jacqui - sent from Whitby to California. Lots of nice photos of her and Pete taken over the years.


She always has at least one cat, most often (as now) four! And she seems to like ginger ones which match her hair!

2 pages of cats

Only one of these is currently still with Jacqui, Tiggy used to live with us at one time until Jacqui gave her a home.


Sheila has been Jacqui's best friend for a very long time; I like to put myself under the 'friends' title as well as the 'sister' one :)


A lot of weddings took place in the 70's, Jacqui first, then Sue (when we all wore curtains); me next (at the bottom) and then Gilly


I have skilfully masked her first husband out of the wedding photos; some pearls and old earrings complete the vintage look.

First wedding

Alcohol inks on game pieces fill in that bottom corner with some fibres and a bead.

Getting arty

I had to guess at the baby in the first photo - but I think I got it right. Davey and I visited home when we could (from California) and Mum and Dad came over when Stuart was born to help me out.


"A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark"

Baby David

Dad enjoyed playing with David at a park in California; he didn't much enjoy waiting for Mum to come out of a shop in Edniburgh! Mum spent every spare minute knitting!

Dad & Mum

Wooden heart shapes with peel-off letters and then triple embossed; flowers made from old book pages.


I kept these two pages very simple as a break from all the 'busy-ness' of the others.


It wasn't until I found this photo of Dad in the army that I realised how much his grandson looks like him. Dad was a red-head but you can't tell that in these photos.


How retro!

Purple pages

Our parents spent a lot of time in St Ives, we had some lovely family holidays there and now their ashes rest there too.

St Ives

The cat collage was made by Nigel for Jacqui's 50th, we all went out for a lovely meal to celebrate.


Boy cousins, girl cousins - none of our aunts and uncles had 'mixed' families.


Lots of relatives!


Mum and Dad, I think at St Ives; Peter with his Mum on the left and Nigel's Mum on the right - at Llandudno


Amy with a six-pack was actually pregnant at the time! Millie is included in this scrapbook of course as a great-niece.

Stu & Amy

At her first birthday with a very proud dad and later on that year at Christmas time.


Jacqui and Peter came to Millie's birthday party.

1st birthday

We sent the large photo out with Xmas Cards last year - not that we're besotted with the child or anything..... :)


Peter and David rode from Northop Hall to Llandudno to see our GoldWing Light Parade - a gloriously hot and sunny day was enjoyed by vast crowds which raised lots of money for the RNLI.


There are a couple of little hidden pockets on the back of some pages with my thoughts on them.

Hidden pockets

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