Comfy Nest

Why is it that babies always want to ‘eat’ everything? That includes the handles and securing straps on shopping trolleys – yuck. As it’s never too soon to start a young lady shopping I decided to look for a shopping cart ‘nest’ like I’d seen being used whilst we were in California a couple of months ago.

I searched the ‘net but only found them for sale in the US, but I did find the pattern available in this country. It’s a McCalls pattern which has very few pieces but is rather confusing – and I am not an inexperienced sewist by any means! Still, I figured it out eventually and could make another one much quicker if necessary. The biggest issue with it is that I think it’s designed for US shopping carts (everything’s bigger in the States!!)

It’s certainly nicer than just sitting on the hard plastic – she’s still not big enough to sit properly without some kind of ‘support’ – and Millie seems happier with this than when she’s laying back in those tiny baby seats you get on the supermarket carts. Nice thing about it is that it folds into a built in tote bag so is neatly contained when not in use.

Further details with each photo:

This is how it's supposed to look

On the Tesco cart there was rather too much fabric - but it made it more padded

There is a nice safety strap included - thankfully

Millie is still tiny - this will fit her better in time :)

A much better fit now that she's in an American trolley.

Millie hasn't quite got the hang of using a straw yet!

That's better - strawberries/raspberries and ice-cream taste much better than that straw did

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